Sustainable Construction and Materials

Value Chain Boundaries

Impacts of this topic reach Argos’ procurement processes and the supply chain.Suppliers
Impacts of this topic are evaluated throughout all Argos operations.Argos
Impacts of this topic reach our industrial and/or retail clients.Clients
Impacts of this topic reach our communities, authorities and other individuals of the society.Society

Our management approach

Added value to the company

Sustainable construction constitutes a business opportunity. To satisfy the growing market demand for sustainable products, we will increase the relevance of products with sustainable characteristics in our portfolio and guide our clients to sustainable building materials, including ours, for their projects.

We strategically manage our raw materials needs to reduce reliance on non-renewable raw materials and focus on optimizing our supply chain and mining operations.

Added value to society

Products with increased sustainable performance in our portfolio will allow us to build a more sustainable infrastructure and urbanization. The value to society for 2016 derived from avoided CO2 emissions due to use of alternative raw materials was estimated to be USD 20.5 million in our Value Added Statement – VAS.
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103-2 Initiatives, commitments, and policies

Cement Sustainability Initiative

Sustainability Policy

Low Carbon Technology Partnership Initiative

U.S. Green Building Council

Panama Green Building Council

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association – EPD

Environmental Policy

American Institute of Architects

103-2 Governance

Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee
Environmental Corp Director and Managers
Environmental Regional Directors and Managers/plant Managers and Sales Team
R&D Director and Managers/Alternative Resources Director and Managers

CSI alternative raw materials rate



2016 performance

  • The sustainable construction strategy and goals were set.
  • Argos Center for Innovation received the LEED© GOLD certification in the category BD+C (Building Design and Construction) by the USGBC becoming one of five certified laboratories in Latin America.
  • In 2016 we reached an alternative materials substitution rate (according to our Environmental Policy) of 6.5% and 2.3% in our cement and concrete operations, respectively. There was a slight decrease in this number due to challenges related to supply of alternative materials.

Upcoming challenges

  • To highlight sustainable characteristics of our products, services, and solutions in our current portfolio and challenge new developments to contribute to the following world needs: climate action, wellbeing, resource efficiency, sustainable cities.
  • To train key personnel to guide our clients in the selection of our sustainable building materials for their projects.
  • To communicate the sustainable advantages of our cement and concrete products.
  • To promote sustainability as a key lever for product innovation using life cycle assessment.
  • To support training processes for clients and other stakeholders to actively increase the relevance of sustainable construction in the regions where we operate.

Panama administrative office, Caribbean and Central America Region

2016 Goal tracking
· We defined our strategy and specific goals for sustainable construction to be achieved by 2025.
· We continued to generate a positive impact on society, and on our customers, by strengthening our portfolio.
2017 Goals
  • We will screen our current portfolio according to the sustainable characteristics defined for the three regions.
  • We will communicate the sustainable characteristics of our products to our clients.
  • We will train the technical advisors for the sales team of our company on how we contribute to sustainability projects with our products.


  • We will achieve 7% of alternative material use in the cement business.
  • We will achieve 3% of alternative material use in the concrete business.
  • We will obtain USD 400 MM in revenues from our portfolio with sustainable features.