Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs

Argos Center for Innovation, Medellin, Colombia

As part of our commitment to the world’s leading sustainability initiatives, this year we began incorporating the SDGs into our sustainability strategy. Through a participative process in which more than 40 employees from all of our regions participated, we identified and prioritized the SDGs that we will be addressing as a company in upcoming years.

We firmly believe that our organization can contribute to the achievement of the goals of Decent Work and Economic Growth; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities and Climate Action. On the other hand, we have found that these four SDGs, are perfectly aligned with our current sustainability strategy, which reinforces the commitment to contributing to society by building dreams that transform the lives of people.

We are aware of the interdependence and the importance of all 17 SDGs, and we are sure that by focusing on the four prioritized SDGs we will be able to create an indirect impact on all SDGs.

In 2017, we will continue to align the SDGs with our strategy and focus on specific goals for each of the four SDGs to which we are committing. Furthermore, we will set a specific target for each goal and determine the KPIs that will allow us to measure our progress. We will develop action plans for the short, medium and long term that will allow us to meet the targets set.

SDGs and Argos’ sustainability Strategy

Sustainable Development Goal
Argos material topics
Expansion and Consolidation
Profitability and Capital Structure
Talent Management
Occupational Health and Safety
Sustainable Development Goal
Argos material topics
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Development Goal
Argos material topics
Sustainable Construction and Materials
Community Engagement
Regulatory Compliance
Sustainable Development Goal
Argos material topics
Energy and Co-processing
CO2 Emissions and Climate Change
Water Management
Other Air Emissions

*In each chapter of the material topics you will find de respective SDG logo

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