Sustainability Strategy

At Argos, sustainability is a fundamental part of our business vision. It is one of our eight strategic priorities. This approach ensures durability over time and a competitive position in a market that is becoming more dynamic, producing not only products and services that truly add value for our stakeholders and society, but also establishing a proper manner of behaving and conducting our operations in all the regions where we are present.

Sustainability Policy

102-40 102-43 We seek the sustainability of our operations through balance between revenue generation, social development, and the reduction of environmental impacts. This is possible through positive relationships with our stakeholders, our principles of good governance, and the Global Compact.

Sustainability Strategy

Value propositions

Promote the development and wellbeing of our employees in a global structure of innovation, teamwork, respect, and environmental awareness.

Be the best business partner to our customers by providing quality products and services in a responsible value chain.

Promote neighborly relations with the communities of influence and support social development.

Suppliers and contractors
Foster hamonious and equitable relations that honor responsible labor, social, and environmental practices.

Be transparent in the management of information and seek the greatest generation of value.

Develop productive activities in a responsible way, decreasing or offsetting the environmental impacts.

Comply with the law and maintain good relations with different governing bodies.

Our Sustainability Policy reflects our commitment to national and international initiatives, which include voluntary frameworks on human rights, natural resource management, and transparency.

In order to keep our sustainability strategy relevant and adequate in a changing environment, this year we will update our stakeholder prioritization, materiality analysis and Sustainability Policy.

We believe that the continuity of our business is greatly dependent on how efficient we can be in the use of natural, financial, intellectual, social, manufactured, and human capital. Therefore, we have made our Sustainability Strategy operational by creating the BEST (Building Efficiency and Sustainability for Tomorrow) Initiative, which seeks to optimize resource consumption and maximize benefits for the organization. For more information about BEST, see page 32.

102-19 102-20 Governance

Board of Directors
CEO and Executive Committee
Corporate Sustainability Management
Regional Sustainability Management

102-19 102-20 Our Board of Directors, as our highest governing body, has a Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee, which oversees the implementation of the Sustainability Strategy, monitors and evaluates the organization’s performance and addresses critical and strategic developments related to sustainability issues.

The Sustainability Vice Presidency is responsible for executing the Sustainability Strategy and assuring that the Board’s guidelines on sustainability are applied throughout the organization. Additionally, our governance structure includes regional Sustainability Liaisons who are responsible for connecting corporate strategies and decisions with local operations.

Quarry rehabilitation at Sogamoso Plant, Colombia Region