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Our management approach

What is BEST?

Launched in 2016, BEST is an efficiency accelerator initiative that seeks to achieve organizational excellence and competitiveness.

Added value to the company

The main purpose of BEST is to generate a positive impact on our productivity and cost reduction throughout our operations. It seeks to continuously make our business model more efficient with a clear focus on return on capital employed.

Added value to society

BEST is a key element in our strategy that will allow us to increase competitiveness in the long run in order to keep generating value for all our stakeholders.


BEST has a governance structure led by our CEO and our Executive Committee.

Leading teams

1Leading Committee
Steering Committee
BEST Manager
2Articulation Committee
BEST Manager
Team Leaders
3Project Teams
Team Leaders
Project Teams

Support teams

4Change Management
5Project Management Office

2016 performance

Co-processing at Comayagua Plant, Honduras, Caribbean and Central America Region

Through implementation of BEST, we aim to reduce the cost per ton by about six dollars in 2017.

Operational transformation
Optimize of our network to concentrate production in the most efficient dry process plants.
Implementation of new and lean technologies
Expand our production capacity, to improve our clinker-to-cement ratio and optimize cost per ton.
Alternative fuels use
Increase their use to reduce fossil fuels consumption contributing to the environment, with the correct disposal of used tires and other urban waste. This allows us to reduce global carbon emissions and improve the cost of energy per ton.
Administrative synergies
Achieve economies of scale, integrate and standardize processes to achieve efficiency and a disciplined use of resources.
Optimization of non operational assets
Focus our capital on cash-flow generation of our core business, including the divestment of non-core assets.
“Our goal is to become champions of EFFICENCY, WHICH is the only way to remain sustainable over time”.

Juan Esteban Calle | CEO

Rioclaro Plant, Colombia Region