Management Report

Juan Esteban Calle CEO

Dear Stakeholders:

2016 was a year characterized by the achievement of important goals that recognize the commitment of Argos to grow in a balanced and sustainable way, looking forward to offset the environmental impact of our operations and generating, at the same time, positive externalities in all communities and regions we are present. Being recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the most sustainable cement producer in the world, inspires us to continue working towards the sustainability of the company, industry and society.

The year that just ended was a period of consolidation of the strategic initiatives that will boost the growth of the company in the near future, and will allow us to be prepared, even more, to face the challenges of a defiant market. During 2016 we highlighted the beginning of the operational excellence program that we called BEST which means, Building Efficiency and Sustainability for Tomorrow.

At the same time, we increased our presence in the cement business in the United States, strengthened the operations in the Caribbean and the Central America Region, achieved international standards of industrial safety and occupational health, and obtained more revenues from innovation, one of our strategic pillars.

The acquisition of a cement plant in the United States, the world’s largest economy, expecting to continue its recovery path and driven by infrastructure investment, will have a positive impact in our 2017 results. Additonally, the outstanding performance of the operations in Honduras and Panama, and the expected start of the 4th generation infrastructure program in Colombia, anticipate excellent prospects.

Juan Esteban Calle


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