Talent Management

Value Chain Boundaries

Impacts of this topic reach Argos’ procurement processes and the supply chain.Suppliers
Impacts of this topic are evaluated throughout all Argos operations.Argos
Impacts of this topic reach our communities, authorities and other individuals of the society.Society

Our management approach

Added value to the company

Talent management is a key element for achieving sustainable results. It allows us to attract, develop, and retain employees to leverage organizational goals.

Because we are committed to the development of the best talent, we offer the best conditions for our employees. Our safe and healthy work sites enable innovation and creativity as a basis for growth.

Added value to society

We promote our human capital development from a comprehensive perspective, allowing us to contribute to the progress of society via sustainable development and based on our talent strategy. This dynamic results in more engaged employees who are mindful of their environment and possess the skills and abilities required to successfully meet their professional and personal objectives while being good citizens.

The value to society for 2016 derived from human capital development increased by 56% compared to 2015 according to our Value Added Statement – VAS.

103-2 Initiatives, commitments, and policies

Sustainability Policy

UN Global Compact and Business for Peace

UN Commitment to Ending Violence Against Women

Women’s Empowerment Principles of the Global Compact

Argos principles and values

Argos Policies: Talent Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Gender Equality, Human Rights, OH&S

103-2 Governance

Appointments and Compensation Committee

Talent Committee
Talent Managers and Directors
Regional Talent Managers and Directors

2016 performance

  • Our training model, EDUCA, is getting stronger. This year, we reached 66.70 hours of training per employee, for a total of 611,417 hours of training, of which 11.97% were virtual hours.
  • We received the Equipares Silver Seal for the concrete business, which we had previously received for the cement business in Colombia in 2015.
  • During the Third Global Forum “Business for Gender Equality: Advancing the SDGs,” UNDP held up our company as an example of gender equality in Latin America.
  • We were recognized by the DJSI as leaders in the building materials industry with outstanding scoring in Labor Practices and Human Rights, Talent Attraction and Retention and Human Capital Development.
  • In Colombia, we were recognized by Merco Talento as the 8th best company to attract and retain talent.
  • The sustainable mobility program “The bicycle moves me” was created to promote alternative transportation systems. By the end of 2016, 127 employees participated in the program, traveling 838 KM (520mi) and preventing 137.2 KG in CO2 emissions.
  • We continued strengthening the telecommuting program, reaching 85 telecommuters in Colombia. Since the beginning of the program, we have achieved positive results in work environment, retention rate, and promotion in this group of employees. We have shown that alternative work models can contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the organization while offering options that promote work-life balance.

Upcoming challenges

  • To be a valuable partner in growth through the integration of new operations.
  • To continue to promote the development of our company as one of the best places to work.
  • To continue to offer development opportunities.
  • To concentrate our efforts on the implementation of strategy that makes us more productive and efficient.
  • To review, through the BEST Initiative, the organizational structure in order to generate efficiencies and flexibility, adapting to changing market conditions.

Employees at Rioclaro Plant, Colombia Region

102-7 102-8 Regular workforce by gender and location


Caribbean and Central America



404-1 Training hours by organizational level

Level 1: Executive
Level 2: Management
Level 3: Director
Level 4: Specialists
Level 5: Operational

404-1 Turnover Rate

2016 Goal tracking
· We strengthened our Educa training model by expanding the educational offer by 261%.
· We covered 73.70% of employees from the operative to the top management levels in our Performance Appraisal Program.
· We extended our 360 degree feedback coverage to over 300 people in
middle and top management positions.
· We strengthened our Cultural Pillars by holding All Aboard events in the USA and French Guiana, reaching 1,301 employees.
2017 Goals
  • We will continue to foster talent development through the appraisal appraisal Program, competency model, 360-degree feedback, and internal mobility.
  • We will support change management processes like integration of the Martinsburg plant and associated terminals, as well as the new projects seeking synergies and efficiencies such as the Shared Services Center and BEST.
  • We will expand the Dual Career Paths model to new areas of the company. This evaluates different paths to promotion and development for employees within Argos.